“All or Nothing” – The 5th Down UK review

If “Hard Knocks” is the Odell Beckham of the NFL Films roster, then the recent arrival of “All or Nothing” must be Jerry Rice. Quite simply, All or Nothing can only be described as Hard Knocks with big boy pants on.


Following a similar style to the now familiar Hard Knocks, the documentary series chooses one team, and instead of following them through the pre-season, it broke ground by going deep behind the scenes with the Arizona Cardinals for the whole of the 2015 season. The one criticism of Hard Knocks has been the questionable quality of the teams involved; not so with this series – the Cards were hot favourites for a deep playoff run in 2015, if not favourites to go all the way.

The choice of the Cardinals was inspired – they were coming off a season of heartache, having had their 2014 hopes crushed by decimating injuries at QB, resulting in a post-season thumping. They also boasted a roster littered with fascinating personalities, and a star turn in the incredible Head Coach, Bruce Arians.

You could probably make an 8 part documentary just about Arians’ life story, and it is his wonderful personality and charm that anchors the show throughout the series. The players are very much the supporting cast, but just like Arians ability to find a gem either through the draft, or a veteran via free agency, there are very few busts. The players might play up and relax in equal measure in the presence of the cameras, but their commitment to the cause is never questioned.

The extended schedule of 8 episodes allows us to into the homes of not only the star attractions like Patrick Peterson and Carson Palmer, but also some of the lesser known heroes – guys like Lyle Sendlein, an 8 year veteran who lives year-to-year without ever getting a long term contract, who joins his Dad for a burger in the after-game tailgate. We also get a fleeting glimpse of former British Olympian and 49er Lawrence Okoye, who falls foul of Arians strict parking rules.

The show makes for exhilarating and addictive watching – I binged the whole series over 2 nights, and despite knowing what happened to the Cards in the NFC championship game in January, I found myself on the post-season rollercoaster all over again. Ultimately it’s another heart breaking journey, not just because of the results on the field – watching star safety Tyrann Mathieu go down with a season ending injury is pretty painful, but seeing Arians tearing up, and seeing Mathieu in the locker room and on the sidelines supporting his team mates makes it so much more tragically real.


As with the Cardinals season, this series ends on an emotional note. The near legendary Larry Fitzgerald had put the team on his back against the Packers, but in the final moments of the series, Fitz is left sitting with his back to the locker room following the final game of the season; it’s a poignant but hugely respectful moment for a player destined for the Hall of Fame, but who may have just missed his last chance for glory. Having taken us on the journey for the whole season, this scene is typical of the film makers class and quality to be able to capture such beautiful moments.

All or Nothing is already a must-see for all NFL fans (and we’d recommend it to those who aren’t!) We now await with anticipation what team will get the cameras for this coming season – they’ll have big cleats to follow…..

You can find All or Nothing: A Season with the Arizona Cardinals on Amazon Prime Video.

Are Jameis & Marcus the new Peyton & Ryan?

So other than the Titans holding onto their 2nd pick, there weren’t any surprises at the top of last nights draft – as expected the Buccs took Jameis Winston with the number 1 pick, and Marcus Mariota will be strutting his stuff in Nashville as the number 2 pick. In an interesting twist of fate, we’ll be able to compare them pretty quickly, as the Buccs face the Titans in Week 1.

Winston and Mariota are not the 1st pair of QBs to be taken with the opening picks of the draft, but its only happened 5 times before…. and history says that one of these guys isn’t going to make it:

Andrew Luck went #1 to the Indianapolis Colts, and has his side a real title contender.
RG3 went #2 (via a big pick trade with the Rams) to the Washington Redskins, and his place in side is under real threat.

Tim Couch went #1 to the Cleveland Browns, and was out of the league in 5 years.
Donovan McNabb went #2 to the Philadelphia Eagles, made 6 pro-bowls, and took them to within an inch of winning the Superbowl.

Peyton Manning went #1 to the Indianapolis Colts in one of the most famous QB races to the #1 pick. After a glittering career, he’s a lock for the Hall of Fame.
Ryan Leaf went #2 to the San Diego Chargers and bummed out of the league within a couple of years.

Drew Bledsoe went #1 to the New England Patriots and won a Superbowl, along with 4 pro-bowl appearances.
Rick Mirer went #2 to the Seattle Seahawks, but other than a good rookie season, fell off the scene quickly after that.

However, there is a chance that both these guys can make a home in the NFL, but we have to go a long way back to find two successful QBs from the top picks in the draft:

Jim Plunkett went #1 to the New England Patriots. Plunkett had an up and down career, but eventually found success as an Oakland Raider, winning 2 Superbowls. Not yet in Canton, he’s the only QB with 2 rings not yet in a yellow jacket.
Archie Manning went #2 to the New Orleans Saints. He had a 13 year career, mostly on losing teams (and never making a playoff appearance), but appeared in 2 pro-bowls. What he missed in the playoffs, he certainly made up for through his sons Peyton and Eli!

1st Round Draft Recap

The first round of the 2015 NFL draft threw up few surprises. As expected, Jameis Winston, the Florida State QB, was picked first overall by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Much of the talk leading up to the draft was of a potential trade with the Tennessee Titans for the their second overall pick. Nothing transpired and the Titans opted to go for their future franchise QB, Marcus Mariota.

Other intriguing moves included Oakland’s pick at fourth for the leading wide receiver from this year’s group, Amari Cooper. Cooper has been branded as the Odell Beckham of this year’s class and he’ll provide a quality weapon for the Raiders’ young QB Derek Carr.

Kevin White was the second wide receiver to be drafted last night. The Bears took him and that led to a standing ovation from the Chicago crowd. They’ll be hoping that Jay Cutler can find some form and feed him.

The St Louis Rams matched the offenses in their strong NFC West division by drafting Todd Gurley at ten. He was the first running back to be drafted last night and he strengthens a team that has, for years, had to contend with the likes of Frank Gore (49ers) and Marshawn Lynch (Seahawks).

A player regarded as the best player in this year’s draft was picked by the Jets at six. Leonard Williams boosts their defensive line and will pile more pressure on the ageing Tom Brady in that AFC East.

1. Tampa Bay: Jameis Winston, QB, Florida State
2. Tennessee: Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon
3. Jacksonville: Dante Fowler Jr., OLB, Florida
4. Oakland: Amari Cooper, WR, Alabama
5. Washington: Brandon Scherff, OT, Iowa
6. N.Y. Jets: Leonard Williams, DT, USC
7. Chicago: Kevin White, WR, West Virginia
8. Atlanta: Vic Beasley, OLB, Clemson
9. N.Y. Giants: Ereck Flowers, OT, Miami
10. St. Louis: Todd Gurley, RB, Georgia
11. Minnesota: Trae Waynes, CB, Michigan State
12. Cleveland: Danny Shelton, DT, Washington
13. New Orleans: Andrus Peat, OT, Stanford
14. Miami: DeVante Parker, WR, Louisville
15. San Diego (from San Francisco): Melvin Gordon, RB, Wisconsin
16. Houston: Kevin Johnson, CB, Wake Forest
17. San Francisco (from San Diego): Arik Armstead, DL, Oregon
18. Kansas City: Marcus Peters, CB, Washington
19. Cleveland (from Buffalo): Cameron Erving, C, Florida State
20. Philadelphia: Nelson Agholor, WR, USC
21. Cincinnati: Cedric Ogbuehi, OT, Texas A&M
22. Pittsburgh: Bud Dupree, OLB, Kentucky
23. Denver (from Detroit): Shane Ray, DE, Missouri
24. Arizona: D.J. Humphries, OT, Florida
25. Carolina: Shaq Thompson, LB, Washington
26. Baltimore: Breshad Perrimon, WR, Central Florida
27. Dallas: Byron Jones, CB, Connecticut
28. Detroit (from Dallas): Laken Tominlinson, G, Duke
29. Indianapolis: Phillip Dorsett, WR, Miami
30. Green Bay: Damarious Randall, S, Arizona State
31. New Orleans (from Seattle): Stephone Anthony, ILB, Clemson
32. New England: Malcolm Brown, DT, Texas

Be careful what you wish for…..

It’s highly likely that the first two names called out by Roger Goodell this Thursday are going to be Quarterbacks. It’s also not much surprise in which order they will be called – Jameis Winston is a lock for the Tampa Bay Buccs as the first overall pick, and whether it’s the Titans, or another ambitious suitor, Marcus Mariota is likely to be up next as Number 2.

However, if you’re a fan of the Buccs or the Titans (or the Chargers, Browns, Jets, Bears or Eagles for that matter), grabbing one of these young fellas is no slam dunk for success. There are more 1st round busts at the Quarterback position than any other. Here is a quick look back at the last 12 QBs to be picked in the 1st round:

Kicking ass:

  • Andrew Luck – 1st pick in 2012
  • Cam Newton – 1st pick in 2011
  • Teddy Bridgewater – 32nd pick in 2014

Solid starters:

  • Ryan Tannehill – 8th pick in 2012
  • Blake Bortles – 3rd pick in 2014

Amazingly still in work:

  • Brandon Weeden – 22nd pick in 2012
  • EJ Manuel – 16th pick in 2013
  • Christian Ponder – 12th pick in 2012
  • Blaine Gabbert – 10th pick in 2012

Out the league:

  • Jake Locker – 8th pick in 2011

Total mystery:

  • RG3 – 2nd pick in 2012
  • Johnny Manziel – 22nd pick in 2014

So, from this list, it’s safe to say that taking a top rated signal caller in the draft only has at best a 50% success rate. We’ll be watching the draft with excitement, but many will be watching the start of the new season with trepidation.

Draft dreams

The popularity of the NFL continues to grow here in the UK, but the college game is still largely uncovered. Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota aside, most of the 1st round talent will be exciting but unknown commodities to us over here when the Draft hits Chicago next week.

Here at the 5th Down UK, we’ll be writing some posts about the history of the draft, and profiling a few new faces to keep an eye out for, but in the meantime, we reached out to some big UK fans, to see what they are hoping for for their teams:

Jake Boston (@jakeboston) – Chicago Bears

“I’ve heard the Mariota rumour, but I think we need to draft a few top defensive players – if they go offence, the wide receiver Amari Cooper is supposed to be good, and would a good replacement Marshall. I like what Fox & Pace have done so far though.”

Aaron Shergold (@aaronshergold) – Minnesota Vikings

“Personally I’d like the Vikings to continue to improve the Defence – I’ve heard the Michigan CB Trae Waynes is NFL-ready. However, I’d be also be happy if we get one of the top wide receivers – Devante Parker hooking back up with Teddy would be great. The draft is exciting for Vikings fans these days – Rick Speilman has had a great couple of years.”

Beau Boston (@beau_boston) – Detroit Lions

“Definitely think we need to go offensive lineman. Really need to protect Stafford as much as possible and help the running game. Was probably the main reason our Offence struggled last year. Failing that, I’d be happy with either of the two big running backs, Gurley or Gordon, if they fall to us”

Anthony Wootton (@anthonyrwootton) – San Francisco 49ers

“Baalke likes big guys. The 9ers need their front and center refilling due to the retirements after last season. We’re all still waiting for Justin Smith to retire too. Elsewhere they need speed outside. Torrey Smith was a good weapon for Kaepernick, but Boldin is getting old and we could use more targets.”

If you want to send us your draft dreams, send us a message to @5thDownUK and we’ll post up on the blog!!

2015 Schedule Released

The 2015 NFL season has been announced. The campaign will kick off with a mouthwatering clash as the reigning champions, the New England Patriots host the Pittsburgh Steelers. It’s just a shame that Le’Veon Bell will be missing for the visitors.

Sky Sports will have that curtain raiser. We don’t know which games they will show that first Sunday evening, but Channel 4 have a juicy game from the NFC East as the New York Giants and Odell Beckham Jnr head to Dallas to face the Cowboys.

Monday Night Football returns to Sky Sports this season and the first instalment is a double header. Philadelphia Eagles travel to Atlanta (12:10am BST) and that’s followed by Minnesota Vikings vs San Francisco 49ers (3:10am BST).

The full Week 1 schedule is:

Friday Sept 11

1:30am – Pittsburgh Steelers vs New England Patriots

Sunday Sept 13

6pm – Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears

6pm – Kansas City Chiefs vs Houston Texans

6pm – Cleveland Browns vs New York Jets

6pm – Indianapolis Colts vs Buffalo Bills

6pm – Miami Dolphins vs Washington Redskins

6pm – Carolina Panthers vs Jacksonville Jaguars

6pm – Seattle Seahawks vs St Louis Rams

9:05pm – New Orleans Saints vs Arizona Cardinals

9:05pm – Detroit Lions vs San Diego Chargers

9:25pm – Tennessee Titans vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

9:25pm – Cincinatti Bengals vs Oakland Raiders

9:25pm – Baltimore Ravens vs Denver Broncos

Monday Sept 14

1:30am – New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys

Tuesday Sept 15

12:10am – Philadelphia Eagles vs Altanta Falcons

3:20am – Minnesota Vikings vs San Francisco 49ers

Free Agency – the story so far…. (part 2)

In the NFC the Eagles and Saints have been making the big headlines. Things are equally dramatic in the AFC, especially in an Eastern division that has been dominated by Tom Brady and the Patriots for a generation:

AFC East

  • The Bills made a bold move by bringing in Rex Ryan as head coach. If the new owners wanted to make a splash, then Rex is the master. On the opening day of Free Agency Rex set Twitter on fire with the McCoy/Alonso trade. FB Jerome Felton and WR Percy Harvin makes the offence more dynamic, although Rex is still showing little interest in Quarterbacks – the Bills have an uninspiring 3-way competition between EJ Manuel, Matt Cassel and Tyrod Taylor, which is unlikely to get the fanbase too excited. Re-signing Jerry Hughes was a big move though, and if they get Charles Clay in from the Dolphins, this will be an interesting season for the Bills.
  • The Dolphins spent some cash!! $114 million to be exact, now lining the pockets of one Ndamukong Suh. The Dolphins defence was excellent last season, and can expect to be even more dominant this year with Suh lining up alongside Cameron Wake. However, they had to ship a lot out the door to afford him, including dumping money drains Brian Hartline and Mike Wallace. They’ve made some nice trades and pick ups to rebuild the offence since though, with Kenny Stills and Jordan Cameron looking like good deals.
  • The Patriots had a lot to think about following their Superbowl victory – especially in the secondary. The result was a big new deal for Safety Devin McCourty, but big name Cornerbacks Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner departed. Belichick also allowed Shane Vereen and Vince Wilfork to leave Foxborough, but then made a raft of low key acquisitions, which is typically Patriot-like. Expect Scott Chandler and Jabaal Sheard to be key pieces this season.
  • The Jets are starting anew (or in some eyes rolling back the years) with their off-season acquisitions. Reuniting the defensive cornerstones of the 2011 season, CBs Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie return, and ILB David Harris was re-signed. The new management team continued to rebuild, with a trade for Brandon Marshall on offence, and the pick up of slot corner Buster Skrine.

AFC North

  • The Ravens have quietly allowed some big names out the door this off-season. Haloti Ngata was traded away, while Pernell McPhee, Torrey Smith, Jacoby Jones and Owen Daniels all moved on. They did decide to re-sign 2014 surprise package Justin Forsett.
  • The Bengals too have been quiet, bringing in experienced ILB AJ Hawk from the Packers, and bringing DE Michael Johnson home after a poor year in Tampa. They have a long list of Free Agents, all of whom look to be out the door.
  • The Browns have been typically chaotic, trading for QB Josh McCown in an effort to provide veteran stability and a mentor for the disappointing Johnny Football. The additions of veterans Randy Starks and Tramon Williams will patch up the holes that were left when Jabaal Sheard and Buster Skrine left, but the loss of Jordan Cameron leaves their offence looking very lightweight – the pick up of Brian Hartline is fooling no-one that the Browns desperately need help out wide.
  • The Steelers tied Big Ben down to a long term deal, and brought in veteran RB DeAngelo Williams to support breakout star LeVeon Bell. They’ve lost a lot of experience on defence though, not least the evergreen DC Dick LeBeau. Question marks remain whether Ike Taylor, Troy Polamalu and Brett Kiesel will return, and Jason Worrilds shocked Steeler-nation by announcing early retirement for a career in religion.

AFC South

  • The Texans are still in rebuilding mode as Bill O’Brien starts his 2nd year. Question marks at Quarterback continue, as Brian Hoyer signed on to battle Ryan Mallett for the main job. The defence is expected to be as solid as ever, adding Bronco Safety Rahim Moore. Meanwhile superstar JJ Watt should enjoy having big Vince Wilfork alongside him in the D line. They finally cut ties with the malcontent Andre Johnson, but found another veteran reciever in Cecil Shorts to replace him.
  • The Colts have an ambitious and aggressive GM in Ryan Grigson, and it looks like they’re going all out to get Andrew Luck to the big show. They cut their losses with Trent Richardson, and brought in the evergreen Frank Gore to show Richardson how the job is supposed to be done. The acquisition of Andre Johnson meant that there was no place for Colts legend Reggie Wayne, nor the Hakeem Nicks experiment.
  • The Jaguars have made some bold moves already, bringing in premier TE Julius Thomas, and spending some big money on Jared Odrick from the Dolphins, Dan Skuta from the 49ers and Jermey Parnell from the Cowboys. They’ll want to spend some more of their cap space in the coming weeks, but will expect to have to pay a premium to persuade players to join such a massive rebuilding project.
  • The Titans are in a similar position to the Jags, in that they’ve struggled so long, its a difficult sell to get big name players to sign up. They threw a ton of money at homegrown OLB Derrick Morgan, and then even more to bring in Perrish Cox, Brian Orakpo and Da-Norris Searcy. The offence remains a problem though, adding only WR Harry Douglas and TE Anthony Fasano.

AFC West

  • The Broncos managed to get Peyton to agree to a paycut, but it wasn’t enough to keep Julius Thomas in the house. With Terrance Knighton and Rahim Moore also out the door, the Broncos will be relieved they franchise tagged Demaryius Thomas when they had the chance. New HC Gary Kubiak brings with him TE pal Owen Daniels, who is expected to line up alongside the re-signed Virgil Green in several 2-Tight End packages this season.
  • The Chiefs didn’t see a WR hit the end zone in 2014, and as a result said goodbye to former star Dwayne Bowe. Their 2015 efforts will now ride on former Eagle Jeremy Maclin. Star pass rusher Justin Houston got the franchise tag, but they lost a good center when Rodney Hudson signed for the Raiders.
  • The Raiders, as expected, have been very active in Free Agency. Reggie McKenzie does not have the best track record of recruiting outside of the draft, and despite picking up decent additions in Rodney Hudson & Roy Helu, they’ve continued to bring in unpopular players from around the league – such as Christian Ponder and Trent Richardson. The new look Raiders were wise though to move on from Darren McFadden, LeMarr Woodley and Matt Schaub.
  • The Chargers are a lock to pick up a new running back in the draft, after letting Ryan Mathews leave San Diego. The Chargers also refreshed their wide men, with veterans Jacoby Jones and Stevie Johnson coming in, to replace the Chicago bound Eddie Royal. Tying down CB Brandon Flowers to a long term deal is likely to be one of their best off-season moves.

Free Agency – the story so far…. (part 1)

So, for anyone in the UK who hasn’t kept up to date with the Free Agency chaos the last few weeks, here is a round up of activity in the NFC:

NFC East

  • The Cowboys have been quiet bringing in new players, with the only recognisable name being RB Darren McFadden coming in to replace the outgoing 2014 rushing leader DeMarco Murray, who has signed for division rivals the Eagles.
  • The Giants should have an interesting ground game this year, adding Superbowl winner Shane Vereen to their backfield.
  • The Eagles have made headlines since Free Agency started – firstly Chip Kelly shipped out star running back Shady McCoy, then he let last years top reciever Jeremy Maclin leave the building. Kelly then traded QB Nick Foles to the Rams in exchange for Sam Bradford. The Eagles have also added blue chip talent on the ground in DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews, and got very legion-of-boomy in their secondary with Byron Maxwell and Walter Thurmond.
  • The Redskins have improved the defensive line with the additions of Terrance “Potroast” Knighton from the Broncos and Stephen Paea from the Bears. CB Chris Culliver also came in from the 49ers, but they lost big name OLB Brian Orakpo who left on a big contract with the Titans.

NFC North

  • The Packers tied Randall Cobb and Bryan Bulaga to a new long term deals, but let experienced defenders AJ Hawk and Tramon Williams go. Traditionally, the Packers are usually quiet in Free Agency and like to pick up new players through the draft.
  • The Lions lost Ndamukong Suh when Miami outbid them to sign the all-pro Defensive Tackle to a $114million deal, and then let partner in crime Nick Fairley leave the building. To replace them, they picked up an able replacement in a trade for Haloti Ngata. Running back Reggie Bush also left to sign for the 49ers.
  • The Bears quietly added proven talent to their porous defence, bringing in Safety Antrelle Rolle and LB Pernell McPhee. They traded away the increasingly troublesome Brandon Marshall to the Jets for a low round pick, and brought in veteran Eddie Royal in replacement. Veterans like Lance Briggs and Charles Tillman remain unsigned, but aren’t expected back to John Fox’s new regime.
  • The Vikings have been quiet in Free Agency, but have picked up contraversial WR Mike Wallace from the Dolphins. Wallace comes in on a big contract, but is a good fit for Norv Turners offence, and an upgrade on the outgoing Greg Jennings. Draft bust Christian Ponder also moved on.

NFC South

  • The Falcons have a new head coach, and look to have a greatly changed roster in 2015. A load of new defensive players have been brought in, and have even more looking to be on the way out. No big names as of yet though.
  • The Panthers have also been quiet – big names Greg Hardy and DeAngelo Williams are out of the door, and only Michael Oher and Ted Ginn have come in, which won’t have the Panthers fanbase that excited yet!
  • The Saints however are in turnaround mode – a massive trade on the opening day of Free Agency saw crowd (and Drew Brees) favourite Jimmy Graham head to NFC rivals the Seahawks, and in came top Center Max Unger and a 1st round pick. The reinvention of this team continued – CJ Spiller was signed to join the re-upped Mark Ingram in the backfield. Brandon Browner is a new arrival from New England, while WR Kenny Stills was traded to the Dolphins for Dannelle Ellerbe, and Pierre Thomas was released.
  • The Buccaneers are yet to make any big Free Agency splashes, but Lovie Smith is recreating his Chicago Bears defence by bringing in Safety Chris Conte and tackle Henry Melton, neither of which should give much confidence to the Buccs fans. They do have the 1st pick in the upcoming draft though to console themselves with!

NFC West

  • The Cardinals have the best guard available in Free Agency, stealing Mike Iupati away from rivals, the 49ers. They’re losing a couple of pieces on defence though, as Darnell Dockett went in the opposite direction, and Antonio Cromartie followed Todd Bowles to New York.
  • The 49ers added Dockett and wideman Torrey Smith from Baltimore, but they’re realing from the shock retirements of Patrick Willis and Chris Borland at linebacker. New HC Jim Tomsula will need to look a the uncertainty around Justin Smiths impending retirement and the volatility that surrounds Aldon Smith in order to stabilise the defence. They moved on from veteran Running Back Frank Gore, but brought in Reggie Bush.
  • The Seahawks look to be even stronger thanks to the Jimmy Graham – Max Unger trade, but they lost Superbowl champs Bryon Maxwell and Malcolm Smith. Jag CB Will Blackmon is the latest addition to the Legion of Boom.
  • The Rams got involved with one of the biggest QB trades of recent years, trading former 1st pick Sam Bradford for the Eagles’ Nick Foles. They re-signed Kenny Britt to a big deal, and also added even more depth to their D-line with Nick Fairley.

Tomorrow, we’ll profile the AFC teams……

An Eventful Day For The NFL

Happy New Year everybody! The 2015 NFL calendar opened with a bang last night.

Just minutes before free agency began we were given the news that Jimmy Graham was being traded from the Saints to the Seahawks. Graham was only locked down to a 4-year $40m contract last summer!

Talk leading up to 8pm (GMT) was of Ndamukong Suh, DeMarco Murray and Julius Thomas. As of this morning that trio are yet to sign for anyone.

Here are the top five deals so far:

  1. Jimmy Graham – New Orleans Saints to Seattle Seahawks. The Saints will send the Tight End and a 4th round pick to the Seahawks for a 1st round pick (no. 31 overall) and center Max Unger. Although this wasn’t the biggest trade financially, it is the one that blew everyone away. Has Russell Wilson got his number one target?
  2. Darrelle Revis – to the Jets. The star Cornerback got his ring in New England and returns to the Jets for his bumper pay deal. It’s a 5 year, $70m deal with $39m guaranteed. UK fans will see Revis Island at Wembley on October 4.
  3. Haloti Ngata – Baltimore Ravens to Detroit Lions. The Lions traded a 4th and 5th round pick for the Nose Tackle. He only had one year left on his deal, so it’ll interesting to see who the winner is in this deal.
  4. Nick Foles for Sam Bradford – Chip Kelly is moving his pieces this off season. The Philadelphia Eagles clearly didn’t see Foles as their franchise QB. Sam Bradford has had a tumultuous time with the St Louis Rams. Injuries haven’t helped, so is he the answer for Philly? Will they using Bradford as a sweetener to make a move for Mariota next month?
  5. Frank Gore – San Francisco 49ers – Indianapolis Colts. All the talk on Monday was of Gore moving to Philadelphia, but the five-time Pro Bowler will end his career playing behind Andrew Luck. The Running Back flies into Indy coming off the back of four consecutive 1000-plus yard seasons. But have we seen the best of the “Inconvenient Truth”? Let’s see what 2015 brings.

Top 5 Free Agents still on the market:

  1. Ndamukong Suh (DT) – looks like he’s heading to Miami, but don’t be surprised if there are 11th hour offers coming into his agent!
  2. Julius Thomas (TE) – looks set for Jacksonville.
  3. DeMarco Murray (RB) – he’s testing the free agency market with Arizona, Philadelphia, Dallas, Jacksonville and Oakland interested.
  4. Percy Harvin (WR) – Probable to stay in the AFC East, with Buffalo and New England likely suitors now that he’s been released by the Jets.
  5. Andre Johnson (WR) – he was reported to be travelling to Indianapolis on Tuesday to join fellow veteran Frank Gore at LucasOil Stadium.

If I were GM…..

Today is the last official day of the 2014 season. Tomorrow is the start of free agency, but also the opening day of the 2015 season – this means that most players’ contracts will have a guaranteed roster bonus attached – that’s why everyone is looking at what the Patriots do with the $20m due to Darrelle Revis….

So after seeing a couple of big trades go down for pro-bowl calibre players like Shady McCoy and Brandon Marshall, what if I were GM for a day? Here’s a couple of QB trades that would get Twitter lit up with the clock ticking down towards March 10th:

1. Bears trade their 7th place in the 2015 NFL Draft to the Philadelphia Eagles for Nick Foles + their 20th place pick.

Chip Kelly wants Marcus Mariota, and that means moving up the draft, however he doesn’t have a great hand to play. Nick Foles could go up to the Bears, solving their Jay Cutler problem, and in return they get much closer to Mariota. They may have to package another trade to move up again, but 7th is much better than 20th. This would also see Cutler hit the open market.

2. Redskins trade RG3 and this year’s 1st rounder to the 49ers for Colin Kaepernick.

So the Redskins haven’t had a 1st round pick for 3 years anyway, so why not trade this one away for a more reliable read-option QB? The 49ers could use the 5th pick in this year’s draft to pick up a new pass rusher, or even a QB as RG3 insurance. The Redskins love a bit of offseason headlines, so this would be right up their street!