Draft dreams

The popularity of the NFL continues to grow here in the UK, but the college game is still largely uncovered. Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota aside, most of the 1st round talent will be exciting but unknown commodities to us over here when the Draft hits Chicago next week.

Here at the 5th Down UK, we’ll be writing some posts about the history of the draft, and profiling a few new faces to keep an eye out for, but in the meantime, we reached out to some big UK fans, to see what they are hoping for for their teams:

Jake Boston (@jakeboston) – Chicago Bears

“I’ve heard the Mariota rumour, but I think we need to draft a few top defensive players – if they go offence, the wide receiver Amari Cooper is supposed to be good, and would a good replacement Marshall. I like what Fox & Pace have done so far though.”

Aaron Shergold (@aaronshergold) – Minnesota Vikings

“Personally I’d like the Vikings to continue to improve the Defence – I’ve heard the Michigan CB Trae Waynes is NFL-ready. However, I’d be also be happy if we get one of the top wide receivers – Devante Parker hooking back up with Teddy would be great. The draft is exciting for Vikings fans these days – Rick Speilman has had a great couple of years.”

Beau Boston (@beau_boston) – Detroit Lions

“Definitely think we need to go offensive lineman. Really need to protect Stafford as much as possible and help the running game. Was probably the main reason our Offence struggled last year. Failing that, I’d be happy with either of the two big running backs, Gurley or Gordon, if they fall to us”

Anthony Wootton (@anthonyrwootton) – San Francisco 49ers

“Baalke likes big guys. The 9ers need their front and center refilling due to the retirements after last season. We’re all still waiting for Justin Smith to retire too. Elsewhere they need speed outside. Torrey Smith was a good weapon for Kaepernick, but Boldin is getting old and we could use more targets.”

If you want to send us your draft dreams, send us a message to @5thDownUK and we’ll post up on the blog!!

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