If I were GM…..

Today is the last official day of the 2014 season. Tomorrow is the start of free agency, but also the opening day of the 2015 season – this means that most players’ contracts will have a guaranteed roster bonus attached – that’s why everyone is looking at what the Patriots do with the $20m due to Darrelle Revis….

So after seeing a couple of big trades go down for pro-bowl calibre players like Shady McCoy and Brandon Marshall, what if I were GM for a day? Here’s a couple of QB trades that would get Twitter lit up with the clock ticking down towards March 10th:

1. Bears trade their 7th place in the 2015 NFL Draft to the Philadelphia Eagles for Nick Foles + their 20th place pick.

Chip Kelly wants Marcus Mariota, and that means moving up the draft, however he doesn’t have a great hand to play. Nick Foles could go up to the Bears, solving their Jay Cutler problem, and in return they get much closer to Mariota. They may have to package another trade to move up again, but 7th is much better than 20th. This would also see Cutler hit the open market.

2. Redskins trade RG3 and this year’s 1st rounder to the 49ers for Colin Kaepernick.

So the Redskins haven’t had a 1st round pick for 3 years anyway, so why not trade this one away for a more reliable read-option QB? The 49ers could use the 5th pick in this year’s draft to pick up a new pass rusher, or even a QB as RG3 insurance. The Redskins love a bit of offseason headlines, so this would be right up their street!

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