Are Jameis & Marcus the new Peyton & Ryan?

So other than the Titans holding onto their 2nd pick, there weren’t any surprises at the top of last nights draft – as expected the Buccs took Jameis Winston with the number 1 pick, and Marcus Mariota will be strutting his stuff in Nashville as the number 2 pick. In an interesting twist of fate, we’ll be able to compare them pretty quickly, as the Buccs face the Titans in Week 1.

Winston and Mariota are not the 1st pair of QBs to be taken with the opening picks of the draft, but its only happened 5 times before…. and history says that one of these guys isn’t going to make it:

Andrew Luck went #1 to the Indianapolis Colts, and has his side a real title contender.
RG3 went #2 (via a big pick trade with the Rams) to the Washington Redskins, and his place in side is under real threat.

Tim Couch went #1 to the Cleveland Browns, and was out of the league in 5 years.
Donovan McNabb went #2 to the Philadelphia Eagles, made 6 pro-bowls, and took them to within an inch of winning the Superbowl.

Peyton Manning went #1 to the Indianapolis Colts in one of the most famous QB races to the #1 pick. After a glittering career, he’s a lock for the Hall of Fame.
Ryan Leaf went #2 to the San Diego Chargers and bummed out of the league within a couple of years.

Drew Bledsoe went #1 to the New England Patriots and won a Superbowl, along with 4 pro-bowl appearances.
Rick Mirer went #2 to the Seattle Seahawks, but other than a good rookie season, fell off the scene quickly after that.

However, there is a chance that both these guys can make a home in the NFL, but we have to go a long way back to find two successful QBs from the top picks in the draft:

Jim Plunkett went #1 to the New England Patriots. Plunkett had an up and down career, but eventually found success as an Oakland Raider, winning 2 Superbowls. Not yet in Canton, he’s the only QB with 2 rings not yet in a yellow jacket.
Archie Manning went #2 to the New Orleans Saints. He had a 13 year career, mostly on losing teams (and never making a playoff appearance), but appeared in 2 pro-bowls. What he missed in the playoffs, he certainly made up for through his sons Peyton and Eli!

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