Week 5 Preview

With less than ten hours until kick-off we can only guess what will happen once that ball is launched deep into opposition territory. We’ve spent the week working on our rosters. Last week’s flops have been benched, but brought back to the fore as soon as we realised who they’re up against.

It’s just a guessing game. It’s not even a forecast! We can’t see what’s going to happen. We can see trends, for example we can pretty much say the Jags will go 0&5 against the Steelers. Or can we? Weren’t the Steelers dead certs to win last week?

Jamaal Charles had a field day against New England on Monday night. I’ve chosen to bench him today. I can’t see him breaking through that San Francisco defensive line. Look at what they did to LeSean McCoy last week. Yes, the 49ers were up against a third string offensive line, but is Chiefs’ O-line any better?

Enter LeGarrette Blount. Compared to my first round draft pick he had a quiet week last week, like I predicted he would. This week he’s coming up against Jacksonville and I fully expect him to be handed some lanes to run down.

My receiver corps is the battle of the rookies. Do I start Sammy Watkins now that he’s got Kyle Orton throwing to him? The wide out has already come out in praise of his new signal-caller. Meanwhile, John Brown seems to be the leading target in Arizona. The Cardinals look like the real deal and their trip to Mile High is an acid test for them. I can see Brown & co coming out on top and that’s why I’m starting him.

Doubt will almost definitely settled in between now and kick-off. I’ll tinker right up until 6pm/9:25pm. I’m sure to rue a decision, but we can’t see everything coming.

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