Week 5

I won in Week 5. It took me to 3&2 for the season. My team won by the skin of their teeth. I scored a meagre 88.16 points and took the victory. I should be elated.

My condolences go out to the Miniapplelis Souperbowlers. They went into Monday Night Football knowing 8.27 points from their Seahawks D and Percy Harvin would win the game for them. Cue my double-take when I raised my bleary head this morning. They clocked up 7.4 points. I won by 0.86! How did that happen? It clearly doesn’t matter how you win, so long as you win.

I came into Week 5 off the back of my biggest win ever in Fantasy Football. A lot of planning went into this week’s victory, so I guess I should be feeling good about myself. Pre kick-off I talked about dropping Jamaal Charles and playing Arizona’s John Brown ahead of Sammy Watkins. Those decisions didn’t sit right for me so I reinstated them to the starting line-up. Charles didn’t quite rush as much as he did against the Patriots in Week 4 but he did have his longest carry of the season. Sammy, on the other hand, was the go to guy for Orton on his first start. These are decisions that won me the game.

A win is a win. I’m sure the Saints are saying that this week. The Bills celebrated like they’d won the Super Bowl! This small margin victory makes my season a winning one and puts me on the front foot as I aim for a play-off spot. I’ll take whatever I can.

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