Week 2


The former commissioner, Bert Bell, once coined the statement “On any given Sunday, any team can beat any other team.” How true that was in Week 2, and not just in the NFL. Some of us had a nightmare in the fantasy world.

It was quite a weekend. Injuries played havoc to many teams. RGIII, DeSean Jackson, Jamaal Charles, AJ Green, Knowshon Moreno and Vernon Davis being the most notable stars to leave the field of play. That’s two weeks running my first round pick has failed to score me more than two points! It now looks as though Charles may be out for a few weeks. Cue my emergency draft of his Chiefs replacement; Knile Davis did well covering for the Chiefs’ star rusher so I’m just hoping he can keep that up in the coming weeks.

What is going on in New Orleans? This was meant to be Brees’s star season! I know we’re only two weeks into a long season and, looking at the schedule, there are plenty of opportunities for Drew to turn on his A-Game. He’s got some great weapons at his disposal. The problem is in defense and they need to sort out their travel sickness.

You can never tell what’s going to happen in the NFL. We all claim to know so much that we can easily predict the winners each week, but how many times have you picked every result? I refer you, again, to old Bert’s statement. Week in, week out I do my homework. I study form and I research stats before selecting my team, but we never can tell what’s actually going to happen. Moreno came into Week 2 on fire, he was a dead cert for any team. How were we to know his elbow was going to pop out of place? Heading into the 4th quarter 20-7 up against a lacklustre Bears team, you’d have put your mortgage on the 49ers to open their new home with a win. This was a team that can control the ball and run the clock. A couple of turnovers later and they were staring defeat in the face.

The Bills are 2&0 Super Seattle hardly saw the ball! Good luck in guessing what Week 3 has in store.

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