Week 3 Preview

So if you’ve got Matt Ryan or Julio Jones in your fantasy line-up then Week 3 has got off to the perfect start for you. Ryan was almost back to his superstar Week 1 performance throwing for 286yds and 3 TDs. He clearly missed Julio Jones last year. How many of us are thinking “I should’ve known.”

Week 2 was disastrous for a whole host of reasons. Most of my team ended up leaving the field for treatment at some point during their games. As for others, they just didn’t turn up. Lightning can’t strike twice, surely!

I’ve had to make a few adjustments to the side that kicked off the season so well in Week 1. Sure starters are J.J. Watt, Chris Johnson, Randall Cobb and Drew Brees. They’re the spine of the team I had so much confidence in as we headed towards the big kick off. What’s happened? My first round pick, Jamaal Charles, hasn’t helped matters. The Saints’ 0&2 start hasn’t helped my star QB either. If only I knew my back-up QB would have such a stand-out performance agains the Seahawks! He took on Richard Sherman four times and won, something Rodgers didn’t even try once.

Vernon Davis hasn’t practiced all week, cue Eric Ebron into starting corps. The rookie is being broken into the NFL gently, but I expect him to see more of the ball against the Green Bay defense than Heath Miller at Carolina.

So who replaces Charles? Here’s where I’m undecided. I’ve got the ever-reliable John Kuhn coming up against the Lions D. He’s great on those short gains, but do I have a better chance of bagging points through LeGarrette Blount? He’s coming up against the Panthers D in their own backyard, but will Big Ben opt to run it more against one of the best defenses in the league? Tricky.

No matter who we all decide to go with this weekend we won’t find the perfect formula. There will always be one guy on our bench that will leave us scratching our heads and saying “I should’ve gone with him”.

Bring it on!

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