Fantastic Frank

Hats off to Frank Gore, the 49ers’ all-time leading rusher. The 31yr old joined the 10,000 plus club last night in the 3rd quarter versus Dallas. He used Mike Iupati as his shield to rack up the yards that joins him with 28 others in the NFL.

It’s quite a feat for a player who has only been with the one team throughout his nine year career. The five-time Pro Bowler tore both ACLs at college and “The Tank” has taken a few heavy hits during his career.

He does so much more than rush the ball. He blocks and catches. I’m Kaepernick is grateful to him for some of the blocks he puts in for the QB’s mazy runs.

His pace might not be what it once was, and it’s clear that Carlos Hyde is going to get his fair share of downs this season, but he’s still going to rack up the yards. He’s a running back you’d like in your fantasy team and he’s going to clock you double figures more weeks than not.

Soak up this rare talent because there aren’t many like him. The Truth won’t be around for long, but while he’s still rushing we can marvel at this consistent carrier.

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