Week 1

So who had more points on their bench than they did on the field? Week 1 packed lots of excitement and talking points. What happened to Brady!? And what about those Vikes! Mike Zimmer’s got them looking hot on both sides of the ball. Meanwhile the Seahawks and Broncos look just as dominant as last year.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though because it’s only Week 1. Now for us fantasy owners we’ve had our smug picks and benches we might live to regret. One of my teams had Mark Ingram and Brandin Cooks on the bench alongside Steve Smith. There was 51.4 points flushed down the drain! Thankfully I had enough talent on the field to carry me home. Needless to say they’ve made the starting line-up for Week 2.

Here lies the beauty of fantasy football. It’s the drug that gets us hooked each day of the regular season. I say each day because our obsession sees us tinkering with our rosters right up until kick-off. Cordarrelle Patterson can’t do it again…can he? The Pats surely can’t go 0&2…can they? What do I do with Jamaal Charles? I spent my 1st round pick on that fella! Yeah, I know his O-line is as weak as my gran fending off Hulk Hogan. But the Chiefs are built around him. Without Charles they’re nothing! They travel to Mile High this week, so do I put my faith in him? What chance does he have? Bench him? Pick him? That’s my main concern in life this week.

By the way, what was going on with Dez Bryant! An elite athlete should not be going off with dehydration during the opening game of the season. I know it can get hot in Dallas, but you’ve got nutritionists and sports scientists at your beck and call! That’s almost as weak as his QB’s three interceptions.

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