Brady’s Balls


We’re finally into Super Bowl week, but one story still dominates the NFL – the size of Brady’s balls. This story will not go away.

The New England head coach, Bill Belichick has become a physics professor in the last seven days. He’s even resulted to name checking characters from My Cousin Vinny when discussing ballsgate.

Nobody plays the media better than Belichick. He knows how ridiculous this storyline is, especially during the biggest week of the year for the NFL. Both the Patriots and the Colts had the same size balls in the second half – New England blew Indy away 28-0 in that final half hour.

If there’s any team that can bottle up this negative energy and use it to their advantage it’s the Patriots. Nothing seems to phase them. They seem to relish adversity. Tom Brady looked like he was ready to choke during his press conference last week, but when it comes down to business he’ll step up to the plate and perform. He’s a winner and he’s hungry for that fourth ring.

There’s always a lot of media hysteria around Super Bowl week. Professional footballers are excellent at uniting together and blocking out the outside world. It’s what they do. Both Seattle and New England will be quietly going about their business and using ball pressure to their advantage.

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