Week 10

Week 10 kicked off with the Ohio state match, where Andy Dalton laid another egg on primetime TV. The Bengals remain competitive in the AFC North, but they are looking very hit and miss on both sides of the ball, and will have to show heart to bounce back from this humiliating defeat at home to their state rivals. This wasn’t a game for Fantasy players though – winning QB Brian Hoyer only notched a single figure score, and Dalton ended the game with a minus score!

Onto Sunday, there wasn’t too many shocks – Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning churned up their usual 25+pts, and Marshawn Lynch seemed back to his old self, beasting through the Giants at home for 4 touchdowns and 140 yards. The Packers in particular looked strong – they’ve steadily moved on from their opening day defeat at Seattle to prove themselves very much Superbowl contenders – Rodgers, Nelson, Cobb and Lacy all sliced through a non-existent Bears defence, and the Packers D were in help-yourself mode off a wayward Jay Cutler. Elsewhere though, there were a few turn ups – the Steelers proved highly unpredictable, making the Jets defence look somewhat efficient, and the 49ers turning over the Saints in the Superdome – a feat not acheived in over 4 years.

There was some big points for Dez Bryant in London – he was missing in the 1st Quarter, ran wild in the 2nd Quarter, then seemed to be ready to jump on the plane home in the 2nd half, but in just 15 minutes in that 2nd Quarter he smashed the Jags for nearly 160yards and 2 touchdowns. If you’re labelled as an “Impact” player, thats a way to get yourself noticed!!

On rookie watch, this was a big week for the excellent 2014 reciever class – Jordan Matthews, Martavis Bryant, Mike Evans & Odell Beckham all went over 100 yards, while Brandon Cooks added a TD to his 90 yards, and Kelvin Benjamin added 2 TDs to his 70 yards. Previous to this season, only 4 rookie wide recievers had gone over 1,000 yards in their debut season – this year we expect that number to be doubled.

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