Cowboys Shoot Down Jaguars

Cowboys 31 Jags 17
Cowboys 31 Jags 17

The Dallas Cowboys came and conquered at Wembley. Tony Romo returned from injury to beat the Jacksonville Jaguars 31-17 and end their two-game losing streak.

It started so well for the Jags. They held Dallas to a Field Goal on their opening play. Jacksonville responded by scoring a touchdown on their first drive.

Running Backs DeMarco Murray and Denard Robinson were electric for their respective teams.

Things turned sour for the Jaguars when they fluffed a punt return as Ace Sanders dropped the catch and the Cowboys recovered deep in Jacksonville territory. The scene was set for Romo as he picked out Jason Witten for a 2yd TD.

Open the floodgates

Romo then hit Dez Bryant with a short pass and the big receiver ran it home for a 35yd touchdown. It could have been closer, but Robinson fumbled after rookie QB Blake Bortles carried his team down the field.

Tony Romo picked out Bryant again, who was wide open and raced down the sideline for another touchdown, this one 68yds.

Dallas were feeling comfortable going in 24-7 up at half time. The Jags came out and were forced to punt at the start of the second half. Dallas then carried the ball 87yds down the field for a touchdown in six plays.

As the game entered the 4th quarter many of the Wembley crowd headed towards the exits to get their early trains home. The Jags, however, did manage a couple more scores – including a safety and another Denard Robinson TD. UK fans were even given a glimpse of Brandon Weeden when Jason Garrett hauled off his star QB.

It was an electric atmosphere as London embraced the boys from the Lone Star State. There was also huge support for our adopted team, the Jaguars. Gus Bradley is building something special in Florida and we look forward to seeing their development next year when they host the Buffalo Bills. It’s a shame about the wait.

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