Who needs a QB in 2015?

We’re nearly half way through the season, and already some teams are well adrift of the 2014 playoff picture. With the contraversial 6ft 4inch figure of Seminoles QB Jameis Winston looming on the NFL horizon, who is going to be looking to pick up a rookie signal caller in the 2015 draft?

It’s looking like the candidates for the top 2 picks, the Jags and the Raiders already have their franchise QBs for the future – Blake Bortles and David Carr have already wrestled starting positions from experienced place holders, and are starting to show promise on limited rosters. They’ll both be picking in the top 5, but they won’t be going QB.

The Jets and the Buccs are also going to be picking high – whether the Jets are ready to pull the plug on Geno Smith will depend on whether Rex Ryan and Jon Idzik keep their jobs, but the Buccs would be an interesting proposition – with all the off the field troubles, will they really want to keep Winston in Florida? The McCown move looked disastrous prior to his injury, and it seems that Lovie Smith is despairing with the inconsistent Glennon – regardless of whether Lovie survives this season, they are sure to go QB with their 1st round pick.

So, with Winston being the standout QB in the class, who else might be tempted to move up? In the AFC, the Titans, the Bills and the Texans will all be looking at upgrading, while in the NFC the Rams might be considering moving on from Sam Bradford. You can also throw into the mix some of the sides with aging QBs, who might be tempted at redshirting a high pick – the Saints, Giants, Cardinals and Cowboys might be surprise packages.

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