Week 7

It was a great week for home teams in Week 7. 12 of the 15 games were won by the hosts. There were also some shocks and fantastic comebacks. NFL Red Zone was red hot during the dying seconds of the early games with Detroit, Buffalo and Washington claiming last gasp wins. Let’s not forget that field goal block at the gun in New England on Thursday night!

The drama never ends in the NFL. Each week we talk about unbelievable plots. We need to make the most of it because, believe it or not, we’re almost halfway through the season. We wait so long for it to arrive and before we know it we’re into January.

Should we be concerned with what’s happening to Seattle? They’ve lost back-to-back games for the first time since 2012. They have the quality to turn it around. Russell Wilson threw for 313yds and 2 TDs on Sunday, whilst also rushing for 106yds. He’s doing everything he can, but let’s not forget they lost to The Rams. The Rams! It’s a divisional loss and another one against conference rivals. Sunday’s visit to Carolina will be interesting.

The battle for the NFC North is intriguing. Detroit are tough and they’re winning without their main man. The Lions are doing all they can to keep The Packers at bay. Aaron Rodgers is aw-inspiring and Green Bay are the team to beat in the NFC right now. He’s picking teams apart with the compliment of weapons at his disposal. UK fans could be in for a treat on Sunday because Atlanta are in need of a win and Detroit seem to have forgotten how to lose.

We can’t talk about Week 7 without mentioning the irrepressible Peyton Manning. Savour it because we’re experiencing history in the making. This man will be talked about for years to come. We’re being spoilt and he’s just great to watch. Nerves would have got to us mere mortals on Sunday night, but he just went about his business like it was a practice session against a team that’s normally so dominant on defense. The 49ers had key men missing, but they haven’t conceded more than 24 points since Week 3 last year. It’s as if everything he touches turns to gold. It doesn’t look like there’s another team in the AFC that can match them, at this rate he’ll be given his chance to win a second ring in February.

The heir to Manning’s thrown could be the one who replaced him in Indy. Luck has thrown for more than 300 yards in all but one game this season. The Colts are looking strong and their signal caller is leagues apart from the other young QBs in the league.

Hats off to The Jags. Gus Bradley is working hard at turning things around in Florida and their efforts were rewarded against The Browns. They’ve got an exciting young QB who’s a face of the franchise for years to come. We’re fortunate to have them committed to London for another couple of seasons so that we can see this project grow.

We turn our attentions to Week 8 and yet more unscripted drama. What will The Seahawks do? Can Rivers and The Chargers halt Manning on Thursday night? But, better still, we’ve got a Wembley game!

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