A midseason review of our draft

So, does anyone really care about somebody elses fantasy team? probably not. But I’m going to go through the 1st two rounds of our 2015 draft to reflect on how some high draft picks are performing this year – with some surprising results!!

Round 1

Adrian Peterson
Jamaal Charles
Jimmy Graham
LeSean McCoy
Peyton Manning
Matt Forte
Eddie Lacy
A.J. Green
Calvin Johnson
Matthew Stafford
Montee Ball
Marshawn Lynch

So, my 1st reflection was shock – what were we thinking!! The top four have been massive disappointments this season, and shows that you shouldn’t look at last years results when planning your draft. The Peterson situation was unforeseen, but from this list Charles, Shady, Lacy and Ball have been underperforming, while Graham, Green and Johnson have picked up injuries, while only Manning, Forte and Lynch are maintaining 1st round value.

PS – the owner who picked up Stafford in the 1st round, ahead of some the monsters in Round 2 is obviously insane.

Round 2

Aaron Rodgers
Drew Brees
Arian Foster
DeMarco Murray
Brandon Marshall
Gio Bernard
Dez Bryant
Cordarelle Patterson
Demaryius Thomas
Jordy Nelson
Tom Brady
Reggie Bush

So having lost all faith in my fellow owners in Round 1, our Round 2 picks reassured me that we’re not all total clowns. Foster, Murray, Bernard, Bryant, Thomas and Nelson are all putting up Round 1 numbers, while Brees and Brady have had difficult starts, no one is going to laugh in your face for taking an experienced signal caller early. So no freaky picks like in Round 1, but still a couple of disappointments – both from the NFC North, in Patterson and Bush.

So to further embarrass my fellow owners, where did our early-season point leaders get picked up?

QB - Andrew Luck
RB - DeMarco Murray
WR - Antonio Brown
TE - Julius Thomas
K - Stephen Gostkowski

The leading DEF, the Philadelphia Eagles, went undrafted, but got picked up in the 2nd week!!

As a league, I give our drafting skills a D-, but there is still plenty of football to come!!

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