Week 6

That’s another week of the 2014 season in the books and what a week’s it’s been. Not many people picked Dallas to win in Seattle, but they went there and totally dominated the champions. It would have been daylight robbery if The Seahawks managed to steal a win. Credit to their special teams though because they looked poor on both sides of the ball. Many of us questioned The Cowboys’ credentials as NFC contenders and they proved that they are the real deal.

On the issue of surprise packages, what about The Browns? They’re grinding out wins and they’re right in the mix in the AFC North. Wasn’t this year supposed to be all about Johnny Football? Johnny who? Brian Hoyer is guiding them through some gritty wins. He threw for 217yds and 1 TD this week. The rate he’s going we won’t be seeing Manziel any time soon.

Tom Brady did what he does best – stepped up in October. It’s as if he needs September to warm up. After annihilating Cincinnati last week he went up against a tough Buffalo defense and threw for 361yds and 4 TDs. He says Gronk is back to where he was before his injury. That can only mean alarm bells for the rest of the AFC.

Their biggest threat appears to be in the AFC West. KC were on a bye this week, but they’ve looked impressive in 2014 and are in the running with San Diego and Denver. Peyton threw another 3 touchdowns to take his career total to 506, two short of Brett Favre’s record. That record can be broken on Sunday night against The 49ers, although Manning is typically playing it down. He’ll have to beat a solid defense that doesn’t look like it’s missing Aldon Smith or NaVorro Bowman.

Philip Rivers is the standout QB so far this season. He threw for another 313yds and 3 touchdowns in The Chargers’ late victory at Oakland. Aaron Rodgers, though, has become more impressive each week. His fake spike during the final drive that led to a winning touchdown, with only a handful of seconds left on the clock, will be relived for generations to come.

Isn’t amazing what a change of personnel can do for a team? The Raiders looked like schoolboys at Wembley in Week 4. That performance cost Dennis Allen his job. In steps Tony Sparano and suddenly they look like they can play. Derek Carr looked lost in London, but on Sunday he threw for 282yds and 4 TDs.

Chicago continue to baffle us all. The good Bears showed up in Atlanta. Matt Forte looking hot, rushing for 80 yards, 2 TDs and 77 receiving yards.

Let’s not forget Thursday night, it seems so long ago! J.J. Watt paid off another huge chunk of his $100m salary with a dominant performance that included yet another touchdown. Andrew Luck, on the other hand, continues to throw like a man possessed – 370yds and 3 TDs. It’s a joy to think that, barring injuries, we’ll be treated to more displays from him for another decade and a half.

We can’t wrap the week without mentioning The Bengals and Panthers. What a game! 37-37, we get a tie in the NFL for the third season running. It was a great advert for football and it proved just what a fantastic season this is. There’s still so much to play for and we can’t call who will take any division.

It’s great to have our Sundays back.

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