Week 3

The season started so well. My team sprinted out of the blocks and took an unassailable lead. The roster looked strong. I had so many luxuries it was hard to choose who to bench. Fast-forward two weeks and I find myself 1&2, a couple of waivers down and a bench full of winners. As for my first round pick, the man who would ultimately rush my team to victory, he’s not even broken five points in three games. He’s only featured for a game and bit of a drive! Where did it go wrong? A question so many coaches in the National Football League are currently asking themselves. Jim Harbaugh is asking why his team is giving up hundreds of yards in penalties. Gus Bradley’s Jags’ work-in-progress appears to have taken a step back by a year or two. Meanwhile, The Packers look a long way off the Super Bowl tag all those experts gave them before the big kick off.

On Friday I deliberated over my backs position. With Jamaal Charles out I had to choose between John Kuhn and LaGarrette Blount.I put a lot of thought into it. I researched stats on my coffee break. Blount might see more carries, but he’s going up against that Panthers D – I told myself. On the flip side Kuhn had that weaker Lions D to rush against. I went with Kuhn. He scored me 0. Blount, on my bench, had 10 carries. He rushed for 118 yards and a touchdown, thus scoring 17.80 points. I lost my match-up by 8 points. If only I’d played Blount.

With Vernon Davis out injured I chose Eric Ebron ahead of Heath Miller. Ebron is likened to VD. He plays in that awesome looking offense and he was coming up against that Packers D. Miller, on the other hand, had to contend with the Panthers. Ebron scored 0. Miller clocked up 5.10.

I know we’re only three weeks into a long season and I know the players are just warming up, but this is Fantasy League Football! There’s pride at stake. It’s more than just a game. We’re pitting our knowledge against each other. Some of us are playing for money! When our own teams let us down on a weekend, we find solace in our fantasy rosters. If both fail then we might as well lock ourselves away for the week.

There’s always next weekend.

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