Don’t Slag The Jags


Congratulations to the Jags for their primetime win over their division rivals last night. A special mention also goes to Sen’Derrick Marks who earned himself a nice Christmas bonus by reaching 8.5 sacks. He took down Charlie Whitehurst as time expired, pocketing a cool $600,000 in the process. When asked what he’ll do with it, he cooly replied “I’ll probably give it to my momma”.

There were plenty jokes being made about last night’s game. Tennessee Titans vs Jacksonville Jaguars isn’t quite Green Bay Packers vs Denver Broncos, but we in the UK have a lot to thank the Jags for. They are the team that committed four home games to Wembley. If it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t have seen the Cowboys this year, or the 49ers in 2013. Let’s face it, Jacksonville didn’t have to come over.

The Jags have embraced the UK. They’re not the most attractive team to watch, but they’ve got an exciting coach and they are a young team with some promising players. We’ve got an opportunity to see this team grow and, you never know, they just might become our very own franchise.

So let’s hear it for Jacksonville. Thank them for the all they’ve done for football on our shores and here’s hoping we can finally see them win in October 2015.

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