Why Antonio Smith Will Be Watching Corrie


Whenever you visit a different country it’s only natural that you take in some of their culture. That’s one of the reasons we enjoy travelling. The Oakland Raiders are no exception. After all, they’ve got a Brit in their ranks.

“Menelik ain’t shown me no crumpets and tea yet”

So has Menelik Watson introduced his team mates to a bit of Coronation Street? If ever he wanted to show off a bit of the city where he grew up then this is the week to do it; with a spot of Corrie.

The veteran Defensive End Antonio Smith was puzzled, “what’s that?” I told him it’s a soap and that Menelik visited the set this summer. “Does it have beautiful women in it?” Now to some people Rita is beautiful, so I didn’t lie…”in that case I’ll watch it then!”

What about Khalil Mack? “No man, Menelik ain’t shown me around yet. He ain’t taken for no crumpets and tea or nothing, but I gotta get real quick with him after this”.

The Raiders seem well adjusted to life in the UK and everyone I spoke to inn the team had nothing but praise for the welcome they’ve received since they arrived on Monday. They’ll want to repay that support with victory over the Miami Dolphins at Wembley this Sunday.

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